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Beach Town Earrings Alice Rise
Beach Town Earrings Alice Rise
Beach Town Earrings Alice Rise

Alice Rise

Beach Town Earrings

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Lightweight, vibrant, and effortless, these impart a unique boldness to your look and act as a personal reminder of your own vitality and beauty.   

  •  Materials: handmade 14k gold ear wires, Japanese glass beads

About The Brand

Jessica Haynes makes jewelry for women who believe in the beauty of their own dreams. 

Color has the power to change the way we feel. It can remind us that despite our worries and daily stresses, our true nature is joyful, brave, and free. Color can remind us that we are awesomely vibrant beings who need to laugh and dance and feel the sun on our skin. Sometimes we just need a little nudge to remember our own true beauty so we can step into living it more fully. 

Each piece is weaved by hand using only a needle and thread; the process takes many hours to become an heirloom art piece that will last a lifetime. Though Jessica often makes multiples of a pattern, she always finds herself trying to slip in some stealthy extra colors. This results in a more nuanced design, a unique piece that was sculpted by the intuitive nudge of the moment, and an homage to the importance of following where our energy takes us. While most are made with contemporary Japanese glass beads and 14k gold, there are limited quantities of rare antique beads from Germany, France, and Italy. 

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