Bigsur - Ceramic Candle 5oz
Bigsur - Ceramic Candle 5oz
Bigsur - Ceramic Candle 5oz


Bigsur - Ceramic Candle 5oz

$ 35.00

5 oz Soy Candle poured in a hand thrown stoneware. Made in Encinitas, California, this candle smells like being in a mossy cedar and pine forest with a slight hint of campfireT

  • Made in USA
  • 5 oz
  • 20 Hour Burn Time
  • Fragrance: oakmoss, pine, citrus, woodsmoke
About The Brand
Norden Goods is a home goods brand based in California, the USA run by designer Pete Panciera and his wife Erika. In a world filled with disposable goods, the husband and wife duo at Norden are giving their candles a second life by creating them to serve a purpose even after the wick has burned all the way down. After a quick rinse, the candle’s handsome ceramic vessel can be repurposed into a hearty coffee cup or a pot for your succulents.

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