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Kids Beanie
Kids Beanie

Le Bonnet

Kids Beanie

$ 99.00

Mini-me! Best beanie ever made by mankind Caregora™ certificate

  • Fabric: 75% Lambswool, 25% Caregora
  • Treatment: Dry clean only
  • Sourced and manufactured in Scotland

Size & Fit: usually fits ages 1-3 years

About The Brand

Le Bonnet aims for sustainability and durability by using natural fibers only. All products offered are 100% bio-degradable, with all fibers sourced from Scotland or Italy. 

The ‘Made in Scotland’ label on Le Bonnet stands for craftsmanship and quality. Their factory was founded over 170 years ago, being one of the oldest factories in the UK, and all pieces are knitted on traditional machinery. The technique used to make the knits has been passed down through generations. After the knitting process, the beanies are washed, pressed and checked thoroughly.

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