meraki copal incense bundle
Meraki copal incense lying flat


Copal Incense

$ 8.00
Pack of 4 Copal Incense. 
  • All natural
  • Pack of 4
  • No perfume added
  • 6.5" of burn - 8" total 

The Must Know
Smells similar to Frankincense. A crisp and clean scent. It is a beautiful tool to burn during meditation and throughout ceremonies, as it is linked with the crown chakra to deepen awareness and purify thoughts. It removes energy blockages and welcomes in positive, peaceful, and loving energies.

Copal is a tree resin that comes from trees in the Bursa family, a medicinal and sacred tree to the Mayas in Souther Mexico

How To Use
Place on an incense holder. Light and enjoy

About The Brand
Meraki Nomad is dedicated to the native traditions of handmade goods and the sacredness behind them. Each Meraki Nomad piece has a story, has an inspiration, has an intention, has a soul.


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