Norden vernal plastic bottle pump Hand wash


Vernal - Hand Wash

$ 25.00

Handwash, Vernal. 

  • 16.9 oz pump dispenser
  • Made in the USA
  • fragrance: cedar, bay laurel, bergmont

The Must Know
These soaps are all natural, containing gentle cleansing oils, aloe and coconut extract to moisturize and protect skin. This handwash smells of fennel, lemon, black pepper

Our all natural hand wash contains gentle cleansing oils plus aloe and coconut extract to moisturize and protect skin. Apply to wet hands, lather thoroughly, rinse.

How To Use
Just add water and lather 

About The Brand
Norden Goods is a home goods brand based in California, the USA run by designer Pete Panciera and his wife Erika. In a world filled with disposable goods, the husband and wife duo at Norden are giving their candles a second life by creating them to serve a purpose even after the wick has burned all the way down. After a quick rinse, the candle’s handsome ceramic vessel can be repurposed into a hearty coffee cup or a pot for your succulents.

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