Looks So Good

Every fall I go a little crazy looking at every source of inspiration for cool weather clothing. I’m glued to my phone pinning things to my FW18 board and saving things into my super handy Instagram 'save for later' button (love that new feature, by the way, makes my screen captures of all the things I “need” from Instagram less cluttered and more organized). But, like most babes, my budget for a dream fall wardrobe is small. So, I’ve come up with the perfect plan.

Buy nice boots. 

I'm saying go ahead and treat yourself to some well made, somewhat realistic, higher priced special boots. Choose a style that will go with if not every outfit at least most. Plus, there is just something about buying a new pair of shoes that instantly makes your current boring and outdated closet feel new again. It's just the right thing to make you feel like you've done right to your closet, without going full beast mode and make unreasonable seasonal trendy purchases. 

I also encourage paring these new expensive boots with some quality vintage denim and a cool statement top. That’s why this year I’ve chosen these blue suede shoes (ha - that's funny) and made them my go-to fall boots.

Our current collection of By Far Boots is going fasts but new arrivals are coming soon! 

Looks So Good Lucy Shay Solarz is a super cool babe that lives in Des Moines, Iowa. She is a content stylist at Now Now. You can see more of her on Instagram @iamloucee