The Loop

The Loop is a dedicated space for buying and selling second-hand slow fashion. By shopping second-hand you're connecting the loop that keeps great garments going and by selling second-hand you give your goods a new beginning.

Sell it on The Loop

Connecting second-hand slow fashion with a new beginning.

How it works

Check what brands we accept

We accept gently worn in-season second hand pieces from brands we carry or like minded slow fashion brands. See our brand menu for a current list of brands we carry. We do not sell vintage on the loop, but we do buy vintage, learn more!

Email us your photos

Email us with photos of the pre-owned goods you are interested in selling. We will review and respond to set up an in person or virtual buying appointment. Not local, no problem. We can send you a label to have your goods shipped right to us.

Get store credit or cash

You can choose to be paid in cash or store credit. If cash is your preference we pay you 25% of The Loops resell price. If store credit is what you are after, we pay you 40% of The Loops resell price.