Ajaie Alaie

Ajaie Alaie

Originally spelled, Ajai Alai a Sanskrit mantra for being in your power– It means invincible and indestructible.

Ajaie Alaie is all about mindfulness and reminding women to be mindful of their daily thoughts and actions. Each garment has an amulet on the inside of the garment at a specific energy point (a chakra), represented by a design detail, a knot, twist, dart etc... We believe keeping these energy points balanced is instrumental for our well-being and success. Each garment is reminding us to feel proud of our accomplishments, to love unconditionally, feel secure, grounded, and feel safe. With simple philosophies behind it, the amulet serves as a visual reminder to begin the day with such positive intentions. By staying in line with the quote “ Be the change you wish to see in the world” everything first begins with us before it can travel down to others, so our iteration became “Be the Energy you wish to see in the world”. The idea is to ingrain mindfulness through the energy the clothes will help us cultivate by reminding us to think positive. 

Ajaie Alaie’s woman is aware of her surroundings, of world issues and is in constant strive to be a better version of herself. Ajaie Alaie's woman is in constant motion, flow, and always looking to broaden her perspectives.

Ajaie Alaie is for the creative soul sister. We can't get enough of their artful take on a classic silhouette and their all over positive good energy when it comes to creating a collection. If you feel the need for good vibes all the time. This line is for you. 

Inspiration is drawn by movement, dance, energy, and comfort. Poems, readings, feelings, emotions, and artists. Visuals, experimentation, and mistakes. Our Inspiration comes from present moments, present feelings, and present desires. Our only hope is that you feel the connection and love we put into each Ajaie Alaie piece and keep our inspiration flowing. 

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