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FromTheLot They feature bootleg Grateful Dead merch. I am completely obsessed with vintage band tees and Dead Heads come up with some crazy ideas. I love it.

Desi Perkins Desi has the most hilarious stories. I've been following her for years. She has the best sense of humor and I love her disposable-camera photo aesthetic. 

Modedamour Flawless style aesthetic.

Na Nin Vintage I think I have every outfit they post bookmarked 

Maria Bernad She has the best style and doesn't take herself too seriously.

Sarah Jane She is my newest instagram follow. Impeccable style 🖤

Diet Prada Diet Prada is my guilty follow. They just exposed this sleazy photographer who (used to) work with celebrities. They've got allllllllll the fashion tea.


I'm a big believer that print is not dead. I do, however believe you want to have a stand-out design to compete with smart phones and screens. A couple of wonderfully designed books I've picked up lately are:

Paris By Design by Eva Jorgenson. This book is BEAUTIFUL. It has interesting color and font choices, beautiful photos, quirky illustrations—SO GOOD. Not to mention it has allllll the info on cool spots in Paris and cool Parisian people. A+.

Hippie Modernism: The Struggle for Utopia. This is a book from The Walker Art Center about the counterculture of the 1960s/1970s. The way this book is put together and designed—interesting paper choices, cool color combos, tons of eye-candy inspiration—is just as interesting as the extremely detailed history inside. It's a great coffee table book and conversation starter!


Reike Nen Shoes Every pair is TOO GOOD. I'm waiting until a little bit closer to fall to snag a new pair of boots.

Holly Ryan Jewelry I love her aesthetic and views on sustainability. 

Kylie Skin The instagram hype got me. I just ordered some of the body scrub and lotion to see if I like it.

Lacausa I typically buy anything Lacausa when I shop at Preservation!


I am obsessed with podcasts & listen to a variety of subjects. I used to love true-crime, but I'm taking a break from that genre.

Second life This is my favorite business podcast! They have really interesting stories behind some of the biggest brands today.  Their overall message is essentially that no one knows what they're doing, but successful people do not quit!

Natalia Benson I hesitate to link this one because it's admittedly a little...mystical. There's something really relaxing about the way she talks and I am super interested in the power of manifesting right now. Don't judge me if you try this but hate it.

The Argument The news gives me hives but I can handle this podcast. They have interesting perspectives and aren't too "doom and gloom" about everything.

The Goop Podcast They interview a lot of intelligent doctors, authors, and sometimes celebrities. Lots of really good conversations.


The Lion King: The Gift I will accept any gift Beyonce gives me.

Yola Yola is SO COOL. I'm loving her music and vibe.

Lizzo Forever and ever.

Maggie Rogers I am still not over her Hinterland performance! 


Above Brooke and her daughter, Nora
Cover photo by Alexa Karen