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Preservation's newest Shop Girl and Marketing Assistant 

Recently just discovered NITCH on Instagram. Simple yet inspiring.

@DaniBeinstein for all things space and astrology 

A grounding read with values I appreciate -- Tuesdays with Morrie

New to my morning routine is this Ice Roller. Reduces facial swelling and basically gives me life.

I feel best when I wake up and stretch. Yoga poses and recovery volt do the trick.

Slightly obsessed with the science behind food + nutrition and Megan here knows what’s up.

I know the best meatloaf spot in town, and it's Cooper's on 5th

I’m a sucker for a fun pair of earrings to dress up an outfit and lately these have been my go-to.

Can’t get enough live music. Anxiously awaiting Colter Wall’s show here in DSM.


Photo courtesy of Grace