We're celebrating shop owner Nicole's birthday month with a few wishlist items compiled by the woman of the hour herself!

preservation blog gift guide nicole's birthday wishlist trip to tulumNo pressure:

"A trip to Tulum

Full day at a spa...ahhhhhh

The New Subaru Ascent. A girl can dream.  

Zodiac Coin Ring from The Last Line

Literally ANYTHING by Attico

I would love a Fairy Godmother to come and deep/spring clean my entire apartment!  

The Dreamer Couch by PopandScott

One and done: This Green Flightsuit by Bliss & Mischief is an all-in-one outfit.

23 AND ME, Ancestry Testing ...the more you know :) P.S. This gift was received early, and testing samples sent in. Waiting for results!

But all I REALLY NEED is a chill dinner + drinks with my faves."

Above Tulum image source here