The Zap Weave Jumpsuit

Nicole Styles Nico Nico Zap Weave Jumpsuit Vintage Beret, Nico Nico Zap Weave Jumpsuit, By Far Neva Boot  

An effortless jumpsuit is in my wardrobe rotation during any season, but when the leaves start to fall, my jumpsuits all but take over. This season the Nico Nico Zap Weave Jumpsuit is a one-piece for the books, it's an investment but totally worth it. A true day to night piece that is literally, soft enough to sleep in it. I am always going from the shop to photoshoots, with dog walks and meetings in between, so a practical yet polished look is ideal. With the weather cooling down, I LOVE to break out my fall/winter hat collection; for this look I go beret all-the-way. It adds a little something that a stocking cap just can't. I pretty much sleep in my By Far Neva Boot, so its no surprise that this sleek and slender silhouette pairs perfectly.

Nicole's Tip: Always opt for a comfortable size when purchasing a jumpsuit; if you're not comfortable it totally defeats the purpose. Plus, pairing your cozy/comfy jumpsuit with pieces that are slightly more polished will keep your look pulled together

 Torri Styles Nico Nico Zap Weave Jumpsuit Vanessa Mooney Young Love Earring, Altered Vintage Sweatshirt, Nico Nico Zap Weave Jumpsuit, Intentionally Blank Honcho Mule.

It’s a sweet, sweet spot when I can put together an outfit that is just as cozy as it is structured. The Nico Nico Zap Weave Jumpsuit is flattering fully on, or shown here with the sleeves tied around my waist like a belt, origami style.To take the edge off the utilitarian vibes from the jumpsuit, I’m wearing a vintage custom sweatshirt altered by Nicole herself. I promise I have nothing against sleeves being normal sleeves, but I’m loving this split detail. Against an otherwise “efficient” and athletic theme, they’re a very welcome non-functional element. A little something so my outfit doesn’t scream “Lemme see you work work work..etc.” As earring addicts do, I went for the Young Love earrings in silver to add a hard shine to all this soft material, and same goes for the shoes from a favorite brand, Intentionally Blank.

Torri's tip: Get creative with pants and jumpsuits. You’ll find great alternatives with traits similar to even your favorite leggings, and will 99% have a much more polished look without sacrificing comfort.

Gladys Styles Nico Nico Zap Weave Jumpsuit
Leather Jacket, Nico Nico Zap Weave Jumpsuit, Lace Up Heals

I love a jumpsuit that can be worn throughout the day to run errands and transition into an outfit for a girl’s night out. This Zap Weave Jumpsuit by Nico Nico is the perfect one to keep you warm while you’re out on the town plus you’ll be SUPER COMFORTABLE. I want the main focus of the outfit to be the jumpsuit, so I went for a simple look. Throw on your favorite bralette and leave a couple buttons un-done, creating the perfect look for a night-out. A cool, fitted jacket makes it look like I spent more time getting ready than I actually did. Complete your night out look by throwing on your favorite heels to elongate your legs and add a feminine touch.

Gladys’ Tip: When pairing a jacket with this jumpsuit choose one that is more fitted to give your outfit a more figure flattering look but still remaining comfortable in your jumpsuit.