A collection of life-lately-favorites. People, places, and things on our minds...and in our virtual shopping carts.

The Jane -  a soon-to-be opening hotel in Chicago designed with the perfect amount of art-deco meets contemporary vibes. Not even open yet and I'm already planning my stay.

This little nugget, Millie Bobby Brown. I may be 30 but my current style crush is a 13-year-old. This girl is killing it!

Banana Bright Eye Creme - Been using this for about 3 weeks and my under eye area has completely changed, so much more hydrated and brighter.

I started using this cleansing oil last year when I noticed my eyes and eyelids becoming dry, itchy, watery,…just overall irritated or swollen! I’ve never had these allergies before. I pre-cleanse my eye area (read: double-duty best eye makeup remover) and the allergen symptoms have definitely calmed down. I need to restock.

Matcha Super Green Tea - Gives me much more energy compared to coffee, I add a teaspoon of honey and it sweetens just perfectly!

This not-so-red shoe is so comfortable, and I can't wait to wear them with everything again. Just a few degrees warmer, please. 

Seasoned oyster crackers! My family keeps this snack on deck at all times. It’s a wine night snack. A card game accouterment. An empty-calorie cookie jar staple. Addicted. 

All natural beauty blog, Bond En Avant. Writer Amy Chang gives the best first-hand advice on beauty, life, and health while keeping it au naturale!

I haven't been impressed with a full lineup of candles as much as I have with these ones from Retablo - which makes them easy to gift. Verano might be my very favorite; scents of tomato leaf and lavender.

Dr. Teal's Coconut Oil Epsom Salt. Who doesn't like a salty coconut soak to make you forget is -2 degrees out!  

St. Beauty - These babes are not only making great music but I am obsessed with their style! My fave song:  "Caught"  

I thought I would give watches a try this year, and I have not stopped wearing this one from Komono. In most angles, the face seems matte black, but I'll catch a glimpse of really pretty midnight blue in others. 

Cucina & Amore Quinoa - This is the perfect healthy/easy lunch that's ideal when you're on the go! 

There are no windows in my bedroom, or enough sunlight to reach my side of the apartment during cloudy winter months. I’ve been recommended this Philips Sunlight Simulator for an energizing wake-up call.
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