An Ecological and fair trade French footwear brand

Not only do we love their stylishly minimal designs but we are crazy about their ethically made, eco-conscious and fair trade model.   

Veja buys cotton from 320 families who live from organic farming. Respecting fair trade rules. This cotton is spun then weaved into a canvas for Veja sneakers and accessories.

Since 2007 Veja has been working with Bia Saldanha, the Brazilian Green Party co-founder and environmental activist. She provides technical support for the rubber tappers and she coordinates the rubber supply chain.

Our ultimate objective is to be knowledgeable and in control of our whole leather supplier chain, from the cows nurturing and living conditions to the tanning and dying process of the leather.

Certifications are not our ultimate goal. They are minimum standards and embody preliminary stages towards social and environmental objectives. They cannot be considered as the optimal result. They are however a minimum control initiated and monitored by a third party and are a rough guide to an evolving path. For Veja, they are a starting point to facilitate the bigger picture.
Current Certifications: Fair Trade + Organic Farming 

Zero advertising: Veja does not advertise. The resources saved are integrated into the production chain.This means the farmers and producers Veja works with are fairly remunerated – to accommodate their social and environmental requirements.
Zero Stock: Veja tightly controls its production and only produces orders placed six months in advance.There is no extra stock produced. Production has to adapt to the availability of organic cotton which may vary. This means sometimes having to reduce the quantities ordered by retailers to reflect the harvest.
Key Priority, CO2 Reduction: To reduce. All Veja trainers are transported by boat from Porto Alegre, Brazil to Le Havre in France. Upon arrival in Le Havre, the trainers travel in barges along the canals to the Parisian suburbs. Veja’s packaging is made of recycled and recyclable cardboard.
Veja uses ENERCOOP (a cooperative of green electricity), in its Headquarters instead of EDF (the French national nuclear energy supplier). 

Take a  look at where Veja designs and manufactures their products. 

Veja partners with Atelier Sans Frontières association (ASF). ASF facilitates people facing social exclusion to find work. The association helps them to build a new life and promotes their social, professional and personal development.

The Veja project is far from perfect.It can be examined on many levels to reveal many limitations. Veja is an investigation, a project that is constantly evolving. This consistent development aims to reach perfection. Here are our limits.

The Veja trainers are made in factories located in the state of Rio Grande Do Sul, a well-developed region in South Brazil. Workers’ rights are respected and extra hours are paid. The factories have become real partners for us over the past years we have been working with them. Our continuously evolving standards push them to adapt and constantly improve the fabrication conditions. Social audits carried out in the factories as part of the certification process (FLO-Cert and Ecolabel) have also encouraged this progress.

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