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Makeup + Hair Artist based in Los Angeles 

I am typically based out of Los Angeles, however I have been working in Paris for the last few weeks. I’m using my time here to step away from the hold that LA tends to have on me. I get to a point where I am looking for a much broader perspective than the bubble that is the LA. With that said, this time away has allowed me to see that Los Angeles really does project an indescribable magic. I believe it's different for each individual. I do love you LA (most of the time).

I find true inspiration on a regular basis through my work. When doing makeup I like to focus on a person's natural features, the natural tones in the skin, freckles, natural highlights and dimension. No skin is perfect and that is what makes it so fun for me! As someone that has dealt with acne my adult life I think it helps me come from another perspective makeup wise. Less is more! I started with doing hair and studied at the Vidal Sassoon Academy where I learned to understand hair's natural form, it's natural texture.

As far as my personal beauty routine, I try to keep it as simple as possible. I am a lady with problematic skin and curly hair so if you're with me, you get it :)

For my face I have fallen in love with Uma Oils. It’s an all Ayurvedic skin care line that has changed my life. To cleanse I use the Deeply Clarifying Neem Charcoal Cleanser, followed by Anti Aging Aloe Rose Toner, Aesop's Lucent Facial Concentrate, and end with Uma Oils' Deeply Clarifying Face Oil. I double cleanse at night. In the morning, I only rinse and then start with the toner. My last step for the daytime is Juice Beauty's sunscreen and moisturizer.

As for makeup, I go au natural aside from some Glossier Boy Brow in blonde and maybe a little burgundy mascara. For highlight I will tap Noto Botanics Hydra Highlighter onto the areas that would naturally need it. 

My hair is its own entity, so I am always trying different products. I would love to use more natural products but sadly, they don't work as well when attempting to manage hair, especially curls. At the moment I am using Iles Formula for shampooing and conditioning. I love the Intensely Nourishing Hair Oil by Uma; smells divine and leaves my hair moisturized and shiny. I also like Leonor Greyl's  Huile Secret de Beauté for hair and skin. My curl product is Oribe's Curl Silkening Crème. I let my curls air dry before touching them!

I have the opportunity to work with some really amazing LA brands. Many of which fill my closet: Shaina Mote, Modern Weaving, Fabiana Pigna, Leigh Miller, LoQ. These women's designs do not disappoint! Very inspired by each of them for so many reasons. 

My go to places to shop in LA are Gift of Garb for second hand designer, Shop Nonna in Highland Park, both Shaina Mote & LoQ have opened beautifully inspiring stores in Highland Park.

I have many a food allergies so eating out takes a conscious effort on my part. You'll more than likely find me at these places on a regular basis:

Highly Likely is right down the street from my house. The Japanese Breakfast Bowl is my go-to here! I find the atmosphere great for computer work and reading. Song Night Market is located in Silver Lake. The Thai food here is very special and fresh. They cater to the vegan and gluten free enthusiast, and the mango coconut rice for desert is magnifique!

Ramen Hood is located in the Grand Central Market in DTLA. They make only vegan ramen with the option of GF noodles, which.... sold & sold. Very clean food and also a very fun way to spend a night downtown.

I enjoy cooking at home so when I can't get to a farmers market I frequent Cookbook when on the east side & Co+op in Culver City.

My favorite yoga studios in LA are The Yoga Collective in Venice & Yoga Works in Larchmont. I tend to lean towards more of a vinyasa practice. I have my favorite instructors but have found that both studios have a good arrangement of classes.

When I’m not shooting or working out of the salon you can find me escaping into the woods with my little creme-colored pup named Rue, going to shows, practicing yoga & spending quality time with friends.

Music is truly something I could never live without. I tend to be very sensitive to sound so it is important for me to always have a playlist made that can help in keeping me grounded, especially when traveling! Some of my favorite artists at the moment are Helado Negro, Amen Dunes, Timber Timbre, Orville Peck, Sault is super fun. I’ve been really into some Roy Orbison lately. Solange (duh) & Kelsey Lu. The list could go on but I think you'll find some gems within that list.

I believe that about sums it up. If you ever need cut or color while in LA come see me at Goodform Salon!

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