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I’m a HUGE music bug, which makes picking music while trying to focus on work the biggest distraction. I’m totally indecisive and  I seem to always find myself in an endless rabbit hole whenever I’m browsing through Spotify, so whenever I just need to knock out a project this is my go-to “White Noise” playlist I put together.

Sketchbooks are a MUST. I never leave my place without one or a million sketchbooks with me. My favorite is a classic black Moleskin, but it HAS to have the plain pages and it HAS to have the softcover.

The slick ponytail/bun look with gold earrings is my jam right now. With a crazy busy schedule, this look is quick and durable while I’m working and painting, but still sleek and classy if I need to go out right after a long day of work.

I am always painting or making a mess so I’ve given up on trying to avoid getting paint on my clothes. Thrifted smocks and work coats are my go-to essential because they are way more forgiving. I usually look for something with a heavier fabric that can take paint and big pockets that hold a whole family of brushes because I can never decide on just one.

Toothbrush and pomade = Eyebrow magic. I’ve gone through all eyebrow phases imaginable and I’ve learned to embrace my thick bushy eyebrows and keep tweezers away from them. My favorite trick is to fluff them up with a toothbrush (a totally separate one from my toothbrush for my teeth haha) and a tiny bit of pomade to keep them in place. You’d be surprised with how big of a difference it makes just to brush your eyebrows up, trust me.

Poke. It’s quick and easy and super light on the gut. Over the years my stomach has become a bit sensitive, so it’s always a relief to find something that’s tasty and won’t make my guts scream.

Whenever I find some downtime at the end of the day, I love investing in a cheesy hopeless romantic K-drama. The impossible plotline, the fashion, the color palettes, the quirkiness - I’m here for all of it! I just wrapped up ABYSS (or Eobiseu) on Netflix, highly recommend for those new to k-dramas. Park Bo‑young is my fav!

Photos courtesy of Zet
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