Knit Care Guide

Sweater & knit season is here - We wanted to share a few ways to keep your knit pieces warm & cozy for the many months to come. 


Natural fiber knits such as wool & cashmere can be washed less frequently than other fabrics. We suggest hand washing at home and spot clean when necessary. A light steam or some fresh air can help refresh your garment. Always check the tag inside of your garment before washing to ensure you are caring for it properly. 

Hand washing 

While it takes a little longer, it allows for longevity of your knit pieces. Hand washing natural fibers knits and sweaters is especially important, as the fabric surface is made up of tiny scales which can look fluffy when machine washed.
Our favorite product to use when washing your knits is necessary is Soak from Soak wash (local customers can find this at Amour. )

How it works :
  •  Pour a capful of Soak into a gallon of cool water. Make sure there’s enough room for the water to move around and cover the item.
  • Soak for 15 minutes (longer is okay), then gently squeeze out the water- there’s no need to rinse. Some color may bleed into the water, but don’t worry, this won’t harm your garment. (But it’s always a good idea to test for color-fastness before washing.)
  • Roll the item in a dry towel and squeeze out moisture. Lay flat to dry.

    Spot Clean 

    Put some Soak on a cotton swab, gently rub the stain, then rinse with water.

    Quick Refresh 

    Between washes, Use a natural mist to reduce washing frequency and freshen between wares. The Laundress Wool & Cashmere spray is our favorite product for a quick refresh. Made from a plant-derived formula that adds a soft, cedar scent to woolens between washes while removing odor. (Local customer can find this product at Eden.) 


    You know those annoying pills that pop up on your cashmere and fine knit pieces? They are most likely a result of friction that occurs during wear, & there’s a few different ways you can get rid of them without damaging your favorite pieces. We suggest using Sweater Comb  from The Laundress  for fine-gauge knits like cashmere. & The Sweater Stone is great for heavier garments like cable knits. 

    How it works:

    • Sweater Comb & Sweater Stone - gently glide in one direction to smooth away pills.


    To maintain shape, fold knits, and hang your structured wool pieces on padded hanger. Wash and mist wool before long-term storage, as moths are attracted to oil buildup.