The Loop Secondhand Market

Join us February 25th from 12-3 pm

Preservation Presents the first-ever Loop Secondhand Market!
Hosted by Nicole Trower & Anya Yevych


We are so excited to introduce this modern luxury secondhand concept to our community. The Loop Secondhand Market will take place at East Fifth Studio in the East Village on February 25th from 12-3 pm. Enjoy, complimentary mimosas as you browse from 6 amazing vendors with a range of styles, high-quality brands & sizing! 

Free street parking is available on Sundays in the East Village, East Fifth Studio is located at 315 E 5th St on the 2nd floor. There is stair and elevator access

Market Tips  

1. The best pieces sell fast,  the earlier you arrive the better.
 2. There may be a wait for the fitting rooms, wear things you could easily pull things over or under.
3. An easy way to tell if jeans will fit without trying them on:  wrap the waistline around your neck, if it meets comfortably at the back of your neck the jeans should fit.
4. Byob - bring your own bag!


BYOB - bring your own bag