Nicole TrOWER


Growing up on a farm in Iowa has always been a huge source of inspiration and pride for me. I started collecting vintage while studying photography in college + I'm a nostalgia junkie - I love old photos, old clothes, old stories, you name it! Preservation is my dream job realized, but my dream baby takes up most of my time these days! Happiness to me is time spent making memories with my closest friends and family.


Shop Babe/ Web Manager

I love to nurture others with food and really good hugs. I find my zen in water while listening to Hollie Cook or in a kitchen intuitively cooking. Holler at me if you want to grab a sip or snack at The Bartender’s Handshake next door, it’s one of my favorite spots in town. My choice daily wear is a one piece outfit like an oversized top as a dress and open toe shoes (no socks = freedom!). This babe was made for warm weather and lots of sun!


Shop Babe/Marketing Assistant

I'm happiest when I am being creative and that is something I embrace in everything I do. I feel most inspired when I am enjoying the outdoors, listening to the Rollings Stones/Taylor Swift, or spending time with close friends. My go-to outfit is a t-shirt and vintage denim. I LOVE that I get to work with some pretty incredible women who inspire me every day!