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Nicole Lorenson, Preservation Founder/Owner: I only give my home a thorough cleaning once a month. Sure, I can vacuum, and I can dust, but I often rush. Sarah and I came up with a plan that she comes to my apartment every week to do a full cleaning, while every other week she makes my wood floors shine like new again. I trust her because she takes her time, fully incorporating her philosophy: Cleaning, thus healing, my space with intention and tenderness. Sarah radiates an Earth-Mother quality and how she feels responsible for the health of my space does not go unnoticed.

I found that having her enter my home with her services on a regular basis has led to less stress, and a respect to upkeep my space now that I have a lighter and brighter sanctuary - a home where I am more focused. Honestly, I just love the way it feels.

Arlo and Remy, my dogs, love it too.

preservation blog sparrow home cleaning and healing


Sarah Jae, Sparrow Founder/Owner: For now, Sparrow is a space healing and cleansing service. I incorporate energy work and ritual in addition to a holistic space cleaning session ( dusting, disinfecting, tidying, etc. ) with the intention to stimulate and deliver a positive healing energy into the space. Whether it's at home, or place of business, I think it's important to regularly clean and clear out spaces so environments don't get stagnant and stressed.  As time goes on I hope to add more healing services to Sparrow.

preservation blog sparrow home cleaning and healing


SJ: Originally, I intended it to be a little nod to Edith Piaf and her stage name. I had no idea why, but it was something that I just kept coming back to. I've always loved her music. She had such a tragic story, but she transformed her pain into something beautiful to share with others. At first, it was singing and baring her little soul on a street corner so she could eat, and eventually, she saved herself with her gift and was able to bring love and magic to so many with her voice on the stage. Looking into some folklore and sparrow symbolism, I discovered so much more. Sparrows symbolize and inspire simplicity, rejuvenation, protection, joy, hard work, community, and love (especially self-love)... so voila! A perfect fit, I think!
 preservation blog sparrow home cleaning and healing


SJ: Home healing to me is a super important act of self-care. As a mama of three, if my space isn't energetically where it needs to be and free of dust and clutter I feel ungrounded and drained. We all do.  

Before I had children I worked for a holistic cleaning company, and I loved it. It's really satisfying to go into someone’s space and complete your task that day knowing you have transferred your time and energy to make someone's life a little more simple. Not only simple, but it frees up that space for them mentally and energetically. They can better focus and give more of their energy to what matters to them. Whether it be their family, friends, the community, or themselves, the transfer of universal energy is happening. It's a beautiful thing!

preservation blog sparrow home cleaning and healing


SJ: After working in the eco-friendly cleaning biz, I took what I learned, added my own modalities, and started making aromatherapy and cleaning products for my space. It was very important that what I was using to clean my home wouldn't be harmful to my children, pregnant people, animals, or the earth.

The tools I use now for cleansing are some of my own homemade products that I infuse with energy and ritual. I also was introduced to a company that I share some lovely synchronicity with as well as philosophy. Lighthaus is a vegan and cruelty-free cleaning product line that you can find at locally at Eden in Des Moines’ East Village. They smell magical, feel magical, and are handcrafted by a coven of witches in Salem, Ma.

In addition to the cleaning products, I heal/cleanse the space intuitively with a sea salt method, and lavender smoke (if there are no smoke sensitivities). I like to make it a simple, thoughtful, and sustainable process.

preservation blog sparrow home cleaning and healing


SJ: I'm in the beginning stages of website creation which will be used for booking sessions. Until then, you can email me at or connect on Instagram.

Sarah will be present with Sparrow products and availability at our upcoming Goddess Party this Friday 13th, 2018. Read on for up-to-date event details! 

Images of Sarah taken by Nicole Lorenson of Studio Preservation , in her home.