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Over time, in large part due to the ongoing rise of the patriarchy,
bad luck has become synonymous with Friday the 13th.

However, we are finally cleansing this myth.

Before all else, this day was celebrated through ritual and spell to honor the magic of the 13 moon cycles, and worship our inner Divine Feminine.
As we celebrate this quintessential aligning of cosmic energies,
we introduce your invitation to our upcoming Goddess Party featuring:

In-Store Specials, Giveaways, Beverages + Snack, Yoga and Special Guests:

preservation blog goddess party sarah jae sparrow home cleansing

*Sarah Jae of Sparrow offering her #44 Room Mist + and Body Oil along with info + package discount for her cleansing services.

preservation blog goddess party event
*Homemade floral teas and tonics by Joshua Aeschliman Signs
*Tarot Readings by Mia Farrell + Kaley Gade
*Cosmic Chill Candlelight Yoga session at 8pm w/ Amy Putney Koenig
*New Moon Magic portraits by Studio Preservation
Video created by Sarah Jae