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Tracee Ellis Ross was looking so fly at the Valentino Haute Couture show last week. Listen, this woman is just so cool. Her attitude is beyond, I think she is so hilarious, and her style just so good. She’s at the top of my 'celebrities I want to have dinner with' list. 

Pansy makes granny panties ultra-cool.
Their undergarments are all about comfort (and so am I).

Thank you Trader Joe’s. I’m crying like, thank you so much.

Kirby Lauryen's two songs have been on repeat for like a month now.

Really into these cute cards with real sentiments at the moment.

This darling Dane has been at the top of my IG feed for months now, I am obsessed.

Embracing the comic relief that is life, I came across the Instagram account Cheeky, a home for candid conversations about all things bodily and female, written and illustrated by Ariella Elovic. Her personal account is just as entertaining.

This virtual girls club is more than just cool eye candy...it features art, music, fashion and culture by one of my fav IG babes, @taysyavanree.

Goods that give back are always in style.

Washing long hair is very annoying, so this dry shampoo has been keeping my hair looking clean longer.

Be smart and safe! The coral reefs are dying because of our silly sunscreen. This summer, opt for the sunscreen brand, Coola. Healthy and safe for your bod and our beautiful oceans!

This new John Mayer song is all I listen to these days. I hope he comes out with an album that matches this vibe.

The perfect summer slip dress that can be dressed up and dressed down.

I’ve been seeing this one size fits size 2-10 bathing suit, interest piqued!

The game was over once I picked up this perfume solid off the shelf at Eden. I have something that instantly transports me to old-age Parisienne royalty. I bought this in scent Do Son.

BRB, I’m opening Gmail.

This new toner is a part of my night-time routine and has really helped with redness and scarring.

... More favorites from Mr. Babe we love,
Joshua Aeschliman Signs, Assistant Store Manager/ Co-Buyer, Eden :

As a vegetarian, I've never hit up the whole Bone Broth concept. BUT I am currently experimenting with a Vegan Kombu/ Wakame Deep mineral version based off a Erewhon staple.

Spending my mornings in a somewhat ritualistic state keeps me plugged into a directly calm state. May Lindstrom Skincare is 100% Ritual, and it makes my skin shout right into another dimension. Right here at Eden.

I literally CAN NOT stop listening to H.E.R. Voice/ lyrics/ presence...everything. She is what’s needed in music right now.

When it comes to food around town my husband and I are always excited to try new places, but always end up right where we feel most at home. ADong and Kathmandu for life.

I'm in the (LONG) process of growing my hair out now, so I am all over my hair products game. Oribe or Bust.

It's always during summer when all this nice weather makes me obsessed with my library card. Fave Library: Forest. Current Book: The Transition by Luke Kennard