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The cold weather has me feeling like my legging game needs an upgrade, this pair is currently on order!

This band from Brooklyn is undeniable and at the top of my list these days.

Finally found an almond milk that has very little ingredients and tastes so good.

This planter is the cutest size (Bonus: if you get them in the shop they come with a plant!)

I’ve been making rosemary greyhounds for a mid-day or after work refresher.
Freshly squeezing the grapefruits is a must - I’m serious!

Maude's intimate product line is as simplified as it gets. The branding is "maudern" (no hiding - bottles are pretty enough to leave out bedside) and the quality is really up there. It's really the ideal no-fuss sexy-time product line and lately, I’ve been eyeing their jojoba oil candle for the ultimate body massage. 

...MORE FAVORITES FROM BABE WE LOVE, Maria Fay, #1 Mom, Wife, Preservation fan club member, and web surfing aficionado.

Monochromatic closet, I’m guilty. Psychedelic art, I’m on board! Check out Tyler Spangler’s exploration of color, form, and photography through the medium of his digital collages on his inspiring Instagram page: @tyler_spangler or purchase an affordable print.

While I love my Angela Caglia face roller (here) for “it looks so good on my vanity table” appeal, the results are minimal. What REALLY works? This ice roller I found on Amazon and it's only $12!!! Puffiness be gone!

Staying in? Bad Reputation is a Joan Jett documentary filled with all the good stuff. An upbeat tribute of a badass female icon playing rock and roll. It’s filled with great interviews exploring her 40+ years in the music business.  

“A girl can do what she wants to do / And that’s what I’m gonna do.”
— Joan Jett

Since an appointment with Kristie Streicher (here) is not in my cards, I’ve turned to this miracle brow growth serum and it works! The rules: you have to use it twice a day, you need to give it 6 weeks, and you must commit. Stop using it and all the magic disappears.

This relaxing tea (here) is a nightly ritual of mine - going on five years! It has subtle notes of creamy vanilla and is jam-packed with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. I should also add that some people drink rooibos tea because it contains alpha hydroxy acid which is uncommon in food and can have a significant effect on wrinkle reduction. WINNING + drinking!

My predictable dry/sensitive skin pulled a fast one on me and I found myself dealing with acne. Navigating these types of products is tricky but I found something that works for me and now I’m addicted to the whole f*ing line. This potent + pure oil cleared up my acne without drying out my face (here). Take the quiz and you get $20 off your first order.

Oh, that sweet satisfaction when you buy something that goes above and beyond your expectations. This Norden Goods wool throw blanket is QUALITY and I’ll have it forever. It's very cozy and looks so good tossed on my bed or over my couch. Three cool designs to choose from, too!

After listening to the Goop podcast, “It Begins and Ends in the Gut”. I purchased Dr. Nigma Talib’s book, Younger Skin Starts in the Gut. I have to say it was a OH! YES! — educational page-turner. Might be worth a read when writing down your resolutions + goals after the ball drops.

Photo courtesy of Maria Fay