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If you follow Chef David Chang at all, you might know his wife, Grace Seo is expecting their first baby! I’ve been watching the near-daily Instagram stories of Chang’s titled “Grace Food”, where he records himself making certain recipes like “beef soup and cheesy pasta wheels” or “budae jiggae” (Korean soups) as per Grace’s requests. His videos are brief, but you might catch a good tip or ingredient. Grace definitely has good taste.

I was in Denver, CO a couple weeks ago and got to experience the all amazing Dior exhibition at the Denver Art Museum. It had phenomenal history, art and of course, gowns. The best part was they gave you a little speaker that shares the history in each room & more about Dior and the designers behind the brand + a booklet that had a little bit about each ensemble in it. It was like your own personal tour!

I Just watched the English Patient for the first time this winter and I want to update my entire wardrobe now! Katherine's ( played by Kristin Scott Thomas ) style in this movie is on point!

Currently on my wishlist is this super fluffy long coat. Dying over the color and how soft it looks.

I have a new favorite snack for you! A fan of Skinny Pop, I tried their newer Pepperjack flavor. It has the tiniest bit of heat and my bag was mostly empty in one crime-documentary watching sitting. If you can find it, try it!

...MORE FAVORITES FROM BABE WE LOVE, Amy Putney Koenig Visual Artist - Art Director

I highly recommend considering adding a SAUNA in your home! We took a creepy basement utility closet & turned it into a great space to heat up & sweat. We live in a tiny brick bungalow so you know that you do not need a big fancy house for a sauna. This looks like a similar company we used to make ours. We have had it for a while & I bet there is more local availability. They say that sitting in a sauna can be relaxing, reduce stress and flush toxins from your body which is great for your skin. I appreciate that the heat feels great and stays with you to make winter dog walking and snow shoveling fun. Walks in the woods in the quiet of winter are wonderful… I suggest that too.

My friends at Eden introduced me to an organic, easy to use a cream foundation that comes in a heavy, modern case that is refillable by Kjaer Weis. I am not very good with makeup- meaning I often only smudge black shadow over my eyes but this product is amazing & light. It goes on easy without looking like I have makeup on but providing coverage…does that make sense?

A blog I can get lost in is Morbid Anatomy. It is full of links to articles, lectures & museum collections. Joanna Epstein is the creator and uses the description of ‘Surveying the Interstices of Art and Medicine, Death and Culture.' My collage work touches on some of these subjects and this blog is a great resource for research. 

Flowers Flowers Flowers! Maya has opened up her space at 2718 Ingersoll & it is a delight to pop in and grab a bundle of great, unique & beautiful stems as a gift or for your sweet self.

An artist and hat maker who is fun to watch on IG is Adele Mildred. I love her vintage looking and devilish illustrations & colors. Adele has illustrated a beautiful children's book about David Bowie (!)and is looking for the right publisher! If you are one or know one, hit her up. 
That reminds me I wanted to mention that Terri's Frame Shop is where I get most of my framing done in Des Moines. She has done amazing framing at a great price in Des Moines for years.

Of the many books in my bag that range in subjects from death to art, health and yoga, the one that has all my attention is Sally Mann’s 2015 book Hold Still. She is an incredible photographer and writer. This ‘Memoir with Photographs’ is a wild trip.

Yoga Detour is my recommendation for smart, healthy yoga….slow it down…be nice to your precious body. 

You are amazing. You are awesome and inspiring and it is everything that you remember that. Be as ‘into’ taking care of you as you are the things you are obsessed with and run with that. Love yourself like it’s your job so you can take care of others and inspire them to do the same. The world needs you to be you. Drink water, eat your veggies & the fries too. Dance, try on clothes. You are your best teacher and healer and muse. 

Photos courtesy of Amy Putney-Koenig