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Alert: So good but so tragic! Bashfully, I was completely unaware of the serial murderer or any family history surrounding the Versace empire. Netflix has me plunging into the crime series, The Assassination of Gianni Versace completely in disbelief of this killer trail. On a brighter note, I love the glimpse of this relationship between Gianni Versace and Donatella Versace. Edgar Ramirez and Penelope Cruz just, ahem, kill it.

Ummm have you seen our sale section lately? It is packed full of really amazing things. The Dada Blouse, Verona Pant and this vintage midi skirt are all things I would add to my cart.

Maggie Rogers has a new album out, and I have never been so psyched for an artist before. I think the whole world is going to be obsessed over her so soon (maybe they already are). Also, I think I need to meet her stylist or her or whoever is helping her pick out outfits, because she has all kinds of retro, cool girl vibes & I want some pointers.

I was gifted a bag of GongFu Tea's Black Mango Tea for Christmas and ever since I've had a cup every morning. I can't believe I had gone this long without having that tea. I've drank many other brands in the same flavor and it doesn't compare to this one. It's perfectly sweetened, so no need to add honey to it.

I have been obsessed with the small indie brand Saint Rita Parlor since my trip to Austin, TX  this past fall. Made in the USA and focused on small limited runs, this is definitely a quality over quantity situation. After a few emails back and forth with creator and owner Neil Bardon, I was excited to find out that he not only designs amazing sunglasses but he also has 2 fragrances that are offered in perfume and incense cones. One of them is Whiskey, tobacco and rose...SO GOOD! Neil's whole brand is inspired by his muse and Grandmother, Rita. Every measure of his brand has a profound relationship to specific facets that are directly akin to her. For example, the first cup of coffee Bardon ever had was with Rita and she was known around St. Louis for her astonishing baking talent. Bardon brought these memories into his package design by staining the debut collections cases w/ coffee and baking them in the oven to personalize and authenticate each parcel. I am also personally inspired by his commitment to his design standards and transparent and responsible business practices within the fashion industry. I love what this guy does! Shop our collection of SRP in the shop and online now! 


One of my all time favorite things to do in a LA is heading over to the Vista Theatre to catch whatever feature film is playing. The theatre is gorgeous and they only play one film at a time. I just saw ROMA which hit home for me on so many levels.

I live in Venice, so, naturally I'll drive up PCH on a sunny day and hit up Malibu Seafood. Not only is the food super yummy - for me its all about the setting: casual ambiance and you can BYOB. Perfect way to end a day at the beach, preferably Little Dume, Matador or Staircases.

I’m literally an ICE CREAM freak and there is nothing more that I enjoy than a Fosselman’s ice cream scoop! This place is so classic and they have the most amazing summer peach ice cream that I grew up on. Fosselman’s has been open for 91 years and they accept CASH ONLY- which makes me love them even more. PLUS, the march is so good!

Tortoise General Store, formerly on Abbot Kinney, became my GO TO and favorite place to shop. I really respect Japanese design in all aspects- furniture, accessories, clothing— its ALL MY FAVORITE. The selection at Tortoise is just perfect, literally. I stop by often to re-up my favorite Le-Pen colors.

I'M BORN AND RAISED IN LA, and I would be lying if I didn’t say how important Dodger Stadium is to me! Not only did I grow up going to games with my best friend Natalie (side note: we would always sit right next to Larry King LOL) but I’ve also just come to love baseball so much as I’ve gotten older. The SUPER DODGER DOGS (all beef) and the beer - I’m all IN! Plus, we made it to the World Series two years in a ROW, so hopefully it happens for us this year. I watched every game this past season, wow I’m so hardcore! 

As a beauty professional, I must shout out my favorite place in the world to relax and decompress— and, of course I’m talking about Skinworship in Beverly Hills. Yes, I do work there but my love for our space is exponential. I’m really lucky that I have access to some of the best beauty healers in town and arguably in the country to learn from. Whether its a facial or a chakra balancing session we GOT YOU, and I really feel that sets us apart within the beauty, health and wellness industry.

Im absolutely 100% percent obsessed with Mexico. Although I’m actually Central American, Mexico has inherently become part of my identity being that I was born and raised in LA. Mexico is just a part of me. My partner is a big surfer and he was actually the one who took me down to Baja for the first time and since then we make the trip multiple times a year. Just an hour south of San Diego, you hit the longest stretches of quiet isolated beaches and it’s heaven.I like to swim and hang out at La Fonda beach. Not to mention the best damn octopus tacos at K38 or the freshest crab at Puerto Nuevo (This video gives the vibe! Maybe disregard narration!), Baja is my perfect escape from LA. And don't even get me started on Mexico City! 

Photos of Andrea Amez via Skinworship