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Super into Sunday night dinners at  Viva Mexican Restaurant ! They have the best, chips and salsa, Cali burritos, fajitas and I especially LOVE their potato enchilada. It's the perfect place to go if you don't want to cook, super fast, delicious and the staff is the best!

Here is a collection of Instagram ladies you should think about following: @okayjaimie, @neadajane, @simonenoa, @chloehorseman, @v_q_z, @eolhcsheppard

My black stocking cap, it's my security blanket and I can't help it. There is a good chance I will have it on until April.

I entered the room while National Geographic's Free Solo was playing. I couldn't help but to keep watching how professional rock climber Alex Honnold navigates the process of anticipating his free solo climb up El Capitan mountain. Aside from this determined goal, witnessing his views on the relationships he has with his friends and girlfriend, death, and living were also super interesting. 

Daydreaming of sunny and warm weather and laying out on the pool in this amazing resort.

And favorites from babe we love,
Sarah Jae, mama of 3, choreographer, DIT doula (in training), owner at Sparrow

Listening + Looking: All the Clarissa Pinkola Estes on Audible. Always.

Solange's When I Get Home on rpt rpt rpt. This ultra stunning visual masterpiece makes me cry. Too much beauty/ too much data.

A friend put me onto this mixtape. It’s a dream come true.

…Con’t dreaming when I think about a nice train ride to Nola, so I can watch Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater perform on their 60th anniversary tour (for my birthday!)

HBD to me wishlist: Slashed by Tia and Noorvana

Preservation’s Komono sunglasses and a new tattoo from Molly Rose.

So SO grateful for: Vocal lessons from Anna -- highly recommend for a blocked throat chakra. An alternative healing method from a total ANGEL!

My sessions with personal assistant, Angela -- highly recommended for any project that needs grounding, getting done efficiently, and with beautiful attention to detail. She’s simply the best.

Aura cleansing bath ritual recipe inspired by my Eden health + beauty guru/muse/SUPREME/brother in a past life, Joshua

Goat milk (powdered formula or straight from the carton)
+Epsom Salt
+Dead Sea Salt
+Manuka Honey
+Lavender essential oil

Cleopatra would co-sign.

...Cleopatra also wants me to have this ceremonial eye makeup. (Throw that on the wishlist too.)

Consider following and learn more about how to support the fight for birth and reproductive justice: Nicolle Gonzales with Changing Women’s Initiative, Ancient Song Doula Services, 4 Kira 4 Moms, Every Mother Counts

Let’s also talk about dignity for incarcerated women and how to support.

Shout out to this cute baby. My children request that facial massage as part of our bedtime routine almost every night now. I practice it on myself as well. Quite enjoyable.

Shout out to Marie at Chanel at Von Maur beauty for your kindness and supporting my daughter in exploring the art medium. (Seriously tho, Lettie’s cat eye is better than most grown adults)

Oooo and shout out to all the crossing guards for DM public schools -- especially guitar guy, and the grumpy one (you know who you are) I love you. Sorry, no link here.

Reading: This and this.

Sister/Love of my life/Aunt Emily gifted my 8 year old the book Celebrate Your Body. We loved talking about each chapter as she read. Lettie still keeps it on her highly styled nightstand (her version of a coffee table book). She’s so cool.

More books I love for ages 3ish- 8ish:
Tell Me About Sex, Grandma, Not My Idea, Skin Again, Where Do They Go and, Death is Stupid are all beautiful age appropriate tools for opening up important conversations with your littles.


For those of you who would like to join/ rejoin us on the lucite/ pvc (ultra earth friendly) trend: Might I help save you $800ish? You’re welcome for this classic staple.


Photo courtesy of Studio Preservation