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Need some inspiration from any color of the rainbow? This account can probably help you out. Plus the owners personal account is equally exciting to look at.

A close friend gifted me Gweneth Paltrow's new cookbook, The Clean Plate and I have to say, I have been super into it! I have already made 4 recipes in a week, all which where super yummy, easy and CLEAN!  Be prepared to make your own dressings and sauces for your dishes...not a big deal, but it will add a little time and a blender/mixer. Most the recipes are quite simple and don't require too many crazy ingredients, which I love. Who knew clean eating could be #sogood!

Latest obsession is this EFFORTLESSLY COOL babe @sylviemus_. She has fully mastered the neutral color palette. Not gonna lie I've spent an embarrassing amount of time obsessing over every clothing item she post on Instagram. If I could have her entire closet delivered to my house I would be content for the rest of my life. Every picture she post is such an iconic outfit that I want to recreate.

Design studio and retail showroom Hammer and Spear became a forever inspiration to me since I first walked into their space last October in Downtown LA. It was moody, but clean. Boldly stoic and grounding, and bright despite the studio's heavy color palette in the form of wood beams, black wall paint and vintage furniture. The mix of offerings here (a bench of matte ceramic tile to delicate golden eau de Parfums and accessories) reflected the nature of their multidisciplinary movement in architecture, design, and style. I can't stop thinking about this place!


And favorites from babe we love,
Jia Yee Ni, Production + Design Coordinator at Kordal Studio

I recently got a Pentax K1000 film camera. Living in a city like New York it can be really easy to rush through everything to get from point A to point B, so I do as much as I can to help myself slow down. Of course, right after I got the camera I took a trip to LA and zoomed through 3 rolls of film immediately. A friend of mine recommended a family-owned photo store in Park Slope called Accurate Photoshop to get my film developed, and now I won't go anywhere else! I always get my digitals back in the same day, it's super affordable, and it's run by the sweetest couple.

I don't go anywhere without putting on my Maison Louie Marie No. 4 perfume. I know I'm definitely not the only one obsessed with this fragrance, but I just can't get enough -- plus the design of the rollerball style is so elegant!

Another thing I don't leave my apartment without is my Atalaya Ring by Uni Jewelry. Kiersten, founder of Uni, told me it was inspired by the Atalaya mountain range and it always reminds me of home, nature, and spending holidays at my Dad's house in California.

To me, summer smells like palo santo and the Meadow candle by Good Candle. While it's still 20 degrees in New York, I'll be lighting that baby up pretending like I'll be able to wear one layer of clothing and walk to the Prospect Park soon.

I watched You on Netflix this weekend and was totally hooked. My friends told me it was about "dating in the modern day" and I was like, "oh sounds relateable!" Oh boy, was I wrong!

My favorite look right now is pairing my Kordal Studio Utility Jumpsuit with the Textured Sweater on top and LOQ Lazaro Boot in Bosque. I feel so chic and put together in it, but also cozy, comfortable, and warm. Practicality is king in my book.

I finally just finished reading 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami -- what a trip! I'm also loving some not-so-lengthy books like Poemotion 3 by Takahiro Kurashima that I got on a trip visiting my twin in Portland and Misao the Big Mama and Fukumaru the Cat by Miyoko Ihara which was gifted to me by Mandy, founder of Kordal Studio.

I felt like treating myself this past Valentine's Day. Girls let me tell you -- The End Lingerie is a GAME CHANGER!! I feel so sexy and empowered and strong wearing it, and it's all for me ;) As bonus, I went to Chop Suey Club in Chinatown for the first time to try on the pieces (I always walked past but for some reason never went inside!) and met the sweetest gal Royi who owns the shop!

Inspired by a recent family trip to Malaysia, I took a couple of friends to try West New Malaysia Restaurant on Bowery the week I got back. I ordered the good stuff I remembered getting in Malaysia (char kway teow, curry noodle soup with fish balls, nasi lemak, beef rendang) but the surprising star of the show was the curry chicken that came with the roti canai!

I cannot stop eating this Malaysian coconut spread called Kaya that my mom's friend got me from a local market before I left Malaysia. I'm halfway through the container and am dreading the morning when I can't eat it slathered on a piece of toast with a couple healthy schmears of butter. I've been pairing this every morning with fresh coffee from De la Gente, which sells direct trade coffee from Guatemala. Their mission is to empower their local community, offering better and more stable prices to the coffee farmers they work with and allowing them the space to grow their businesses and support their families!

Photos courtesy of Jia Yee Ni