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I love everything about Esby Apparel, designed and made in the USA, their high-quality classic pieces are a staple for any wardrobe and they are as easy to wear as your favorite pair of sweats, so it's no surprise that we are now stocking them!

Just got over a really bad flu where I lost my voice and the one thing that made it come back was this old Mexican recipe basically just cinnamon tea. I had it right before going to bed and the next morning the pain to talk was not as bad and could actually be understood what I was trying to say. The recipe calls for sugar but I prefer to use honey to get in the extra kick to help with soreness.

I have been looking for a no-heat solution for the crazy hair that frames my face. I have found that these clips do the trick and make them look really natural and it is so easy. I wish I would have found these years ago!

Let me get this out of the way: I just watched ‘Moonlight’ for the first time and I was blown away. I am so proud that this film was brought to life. I appreciate every ounce of heart in direction, cinematography, writing, and acting. I was blown away by this storytelling of human experience, perspective, and environment.

The not as profound Netflix Original series ‘Selling Sunset’ has become my new 90210/The Hills. This time the all real estate agent cast is listing and showing homes, amongst friendship shadiness, and relationship wonders.

And favorites from babe we love,
Meg Strachan, Founder @DorseyOfficial, Mum to Viv

100% of the pants I own are drop crotch. I find most of the summer styles I wear from Pas De Calais or Nili Lotan. But these army ones are probably my favorite because I feel like a cool new mum in them.

Speaking of being a mum, in the third trimester of my pregnancy I literally got my dream hair. Well, turns out after being pregnant your hair TOTALLY falls out and it's terrifying. I've started taking Nutrafol for hair growth and it seems to be helping so I'm really excited because DEAR GOD when you lose your hair you will do anything you can to get it back. That's probably not my most glamorous item to share that I love right now but honestly it's by my bedside, and I take it religiously!

My wardrobe could not be more simple: I wear this leather jacket by Anine Bing that I bought when I was the Chief Marketing Officer a few years ago that I wear almost every day layered over jeans and tees and dresses or oversized sweaters. I do not leave my house without my Sofia gold coin necklace from Dorsey (usually I wear 3-5 at a time) and a big earring - usually The Jeanne hoops by Dorsey. After I started my jewelry brand, Dorsey, I don't wear any jewelry that is by anyone else EXCEPT for my wedding ring, which I really love so much. I get so many compliments on my engagement ring; it's from a vintage ring dealer in Los Angeles called Claude Morady and it's a re-worked vintage design. It is absolutely my favorite piece of jewelry I've ever owned. I take it off to sleep every night which my husband hates. But it sits in a vintage gold dish by my sink where it's safe and sound.

In my twenties I had horrible skin and now in my 30's I get asked so many questions about what I use on it. It's cleared up so much! I swear by Goop's melting cleanser...it's a bit expensive but it lasts for a year, and my favorite part of the day is washing off my makeup with a hot wash cloth. I was never into clean beauty until I worked at Goop - now I'm pretty nuts about it.

In the morning, I wake up and have a cup of chamomile tea by traditional medicinals and take a walk with my 5 month old using my Artipoppe carrier. I ADORE my baby carrier because I've not loved the way many others looked or fit, and my leopard carrier makes me feel like a cool mum. I used to think I was going to have to change my style when I became a mum and now I know that's not the case. It's just all what you make of it. So I'm the mum in a leather jacket and a bottle hanging out of my handbag (100% of my handbags are from TheRealReal).

Photo courtesy of Meg Strachan