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Olive Oil

Wonder Valley

Olive Oil

$ 34.00

Wonder Valley Olive Oil elevates any meal through its bright, herbaceous, peppery flavor and delivers a delicious dose of polyphenols, the powerful antioxidant associated with longevity of life. Our 2019 harvest oil is a blend of Leccino, Frantoio, Pendolino, Coratino and Arbequina olives harvested from the groves in Lake County, CA and certified Extra Virgin grade by the California Olive Oil Council. The olives are hand-picked young, yielding a greener oil, longer shelf life, and higher concentration of polyphenols. 

  • 375 mL bottle
  • 100% plastic-free - made of glass, cork, wood and paper
  • Matte black UV coated bottle - protects oil + extends shelf life

Best used within 18 months of the harvest date. Harvested November 2019. 

About The Brand

A husband and wife team, Alison and Jay Carroll. Jay is an artist and creative director with experience in fashion, interiors, branding and editorial. Alison’s experience in the food world and more specifically in the California olive oil industry led them to start our own. They saw olive oil as the perfect first product for what they were trying to accomplish in this new lifestyle. Its simple, it’s useful, it elevates, and it’s the foundation of a healthy lifestyle.

Unisex use for all skin types. Products are made with Wonder Valley Olive Oil. Formulated without parabens, phthalates, petrolates, sulfates, animal-derived ingredients, artificial dye or fragrance.

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