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Really into painter/illustrator and mother of 4, Sarah Fern aka @learnfern. She does these amazing paintings on her face plus she just has super dope style and I can't get enough of her IG feed!

Rumor has it that new Wolf Circus jewelry is in the shop and I’m excited. I do recommend layering the Emeile Grande Ring + the Emeile Ring for a nice, chunky look. These are perfect everyday pieces that will look good on any finger, silver or gold, who cares!

One of my highlights from Coachella weekend was being able to have the most beautiful, totally refreshing dinners at a table set for 300 strangers provided by Outstanding in the Field. A different chef was featured each night, with wine pairings and glasses kept full with each mouth-watering course, a delicious cocktail, entertaining company, amazing service, and environment, while bands like Sofi Tukker played on a stage just outside the outdoor venue. My boyfriend and I enjoyed our first evening together, and I was almost brought to tears bringing his family to enjoy with us the evening after. It was a beautiful experience. Thank you to our friend Esther Lang for honoring us with such a gift.

New fav breakfast bar. I'm usually running late in the mornings so this always does the job and plus it has so much protein for being a bar. I like to have this with a cup of tea and usually keeps me full for a long time when I'm going to be really busy for the day.

And more from babe we love, Marisa DeLeon Geoffrey, Visual Merchandiser

I am in the process of moving right now so I currently have one foot in Denver and one foot in Brooklyn which is a weird way to be existing if I'm perfectly honest. Living out of a suitcase has been my reality for about the last month between traveling and attempting to exist in my studio apartment in Denver post shipping away of almost all my worldly possessions. My makeup bag has slimmed down tremendously as a result and I've been a big fan of products that are multifunctional. I have super dry skin, especially in the winter months, but Milk Makeup's Hydrating Oil has been my saving grace. I've had this product rolling around in my drawer for a minute and used it here and there but my current "essentials only" lifestyle has just about run the whole thing out. I use it when I want a healthy glow on makeup free days, under makeup for a more subtle glow, to tame eyebrows, to fix up messy cuticles, and I even use it on my hair. I like to run a bit through the ends of my hair and it's perfect for slicking back a low bun or ponytail. Gives that polished look without the crunchy aftermath of a sculpting cream or hairspray. It's so good.

I admittedly did more slacking off than apartment hunting while I was in New York recently but I'm not even a little bit sorry about that because now I have a solid ramen recommendation in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. It's called Ramen Spot which is pretty easy to remember so don't text your friend "yo what was that ramen spot called?" like I did. The vegan miso ramen was exactly what I needed on a windy day in mid-March and the two pork gyoza I stole off my friend’s plate were obviously delicious or else I would have only stolen one.

Working as a menswear visual used to feel so clumsy to me. I came from ladieswear and was used to styling blouses and dresses and working with much different fabrics and finishes. I felt like I couldn't relate. Luckily there is this this cool app called Instagram that is packed full of nonsense (I am a big fan of astrology meme accounts) but also tons of inspiration. I follow quite a few menswear related accounts but my favorite forever is @brucepask who is the Men's Fashion Director for Bergdorf Goodman. I initially started following him for work inspiration but I catch myself taking cues from him when I'm dressing myself, especially when it's layering season. I find that men's cold weather looks speak to me a bit more than women's tend to. Bruce has his own little shop, The B. Shop, on Level 3 of Bergdorf's on 5th Ave. in Manhattan. His twin brother designed it which is dumb adorable if you ask me. This Esquire article gives a solid run down of the shop-in-shop with just the right amount of humor and highlights the very things I love about Bruce’s approach to fashion.

I am a real sucker for Spotify playlists and it should freak me out that my music app of choice knows me better than I know myself sometimes but I am honestly a bit thankful for that. It recommended a playlist called “Pollen” to me awhile back and I was stuck on it for a few weeks. It popped up since then and I fell for the mix all over again. It gets updated on a fairly regular basis so there were new songs to fall in love with this round and it felt totally new despite my previous obsession a few months back. It’s been my background noise of choice for everything from driving to getting ready for work to stomping around Cap Hill.

I don’t ever leave the house without throwing my Byredo Gypsy Water perfume oil roller in my bag. This is the second roller in this scent that I’ve had and it’s almost run out. If going through nearly two rollers and also having the full size spray at home on my bathroom sink is not enough to say that I’m a huge fan - I currently have the hand cream in my Barney’s cart ready and waiting for me to hit “Buy and Pick-Up in Store”. Any and all forms of this scent are on my wishlist until the very end of time.

It is my assumption that everyone on the planet can collectively agree that moving is the worst. It’s stressful in the most obnoxious way where you feel like everything is completely out of your control and you just want to call your mom and cry. Which is of course exactly what I did after a complete and utter disaster with my bank involving a “major system error” that left nearly all of my money floating around in some sort of void in cyberspace. Naturally, this occurred the same day I was trying to secure my apartment in New York. The universe is funny like that. My mom talked me down with a gentle reminder that there is always something to learn from the most ridiculous of situations. When we got off the phone I opened Instagram and this post from We the Urban popped up in my feed. The universe and it’s funny timing at it again. Now I have it saved for those moments when I need to remind myself to change the conversation with, well, myself.

I’ve had a bit of downtime this last week which has allowed me to jump back into the book I started reading before my month of chaos began, The Runaway Species by David Eagleman. It looks at human creativity and innovation through the lens of neuroscience. I discovered it via this episode of a podcast I sometimes listen to called All in the Mind.

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