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Makeup and hairstylist Instagram @ashleapenfold is my go-to right now for some makeup inspiration/eye candy.

Praise the LaLa Land gods! The Chateau is finally posting more to Instagram.

Weleda Skin Food has been a game-changing moisturizing barrier for my face. There’s definitely a common ground with having less in my skincare arsenal, and the less I feel I need to wear makeup on a daily basis. This product really feels nourishing and gives an ultimate dewy glow. I’ve been going bare-faced all week from using this AM and PM, no joke. Use just a dab, and lightly pat it onto your face. Great for dry skin on the rest of your body, too.

Our new cashmere socks and to make it even better this color is amazing

I felt the best vibes from this courtyard restaurant in Arts District of Los Angeles at lunch, I came back for dinner! Their seasonal menu is literally homegrown; take a step into their garden just a few feet away, where you'll also find a chicken coop! Delicious food and drinks, coolest ambiance, and warm fuzzy feelings from all of the above. 

Have you heard of House of Intuition? Walls of crystals and stones, and other mystic spiritual tools. I left with a few gems and crystal bracelets to keep the good energy on me when I need it!

While in Milwaukee I discovered this amazing wet plate photographer @margaretmuza. Margaret was invited to be a special guest at Preservation’s third birthday party, producing the most amazing plates of party guests. When I asked if she could return during the holidays, she happily agreed. We can’t wait to have Margaret and her talents with us again this holiday, look out for our upcoming events filling out the rest of this year!

Fuckjerry is the funniest thing on Instagram, but you already knew that.

Missing my beach hair, so this surf spray will do for now until I am reunited with the beach.

These spinach, kale and parm bites have been added to my Never-Leave-Trader-Joe’s-Without-Deez list. I’ve mashed them into scrambled eggs, used them as an appetizer, side dish..etc. I'm seriously obsessed, and always stock up.

I can’t you how many times I’ve worn these Levi’s, oh wait - 6 days while on vacation (hello, all casual occasions), and almost every day after that.


Maybe I'm a little late to the party but, having wireless headphones is a real game changer. You can literally do anything with them in because there's nothing constricting you.

Nike Cortez is comfortable, classic, chic. I'll wear these anywhere and they go with anything. Every time you slip them on you'll feel like Steve Harrington.

I had a gnarly cold and after a couple of days, it was almost completely gone thanks to this guy.

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Foundation w/ Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint. If you want dewy luminous skin, this combo is your holy grail. You'll get the perfect coverage with the most dew without shine. I always get compliments on my skin when I do this combo.

I don't even have to explain anything. All I can say is Lady is Queen and should get nominated for an Oscar and the soundtrack is on repeat.

Black bodysuits: I'm a sucker for anything where I can just pair it with jeans. I can get real lazy when choosing an outfit, so if I can slip on some Levis, I'm good to go.

I was recently in New York and my friends were desperately looking for a place to eat. When its late and there's a breeze, I'm always in the mood for pho. BoCaphe is the bougiest Vietnamese restaurant I've been too, but the food and drinks were BOMB. Don't get me wrong I'm always down for $7 pho, but something about $15 pho and a mango sake drink just made the right impression on me. Definitely go for the drinks they're so delish!

I'm praying LA gets cold enough this year so I can break these bad boys in, but even if it doesn't, you can catch me wearing bike shorts, bodysuit, and a big ass coat. Coat #1, #2, #3, #4.

Photo courtesy of Minami Gessel